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New benchmark set to deliver
optimal osteoporosis care throughout Asia Pacific

Launch of first pan-Asia Pacific minimum clinical standards for the screening, diagnosis & management of osteoporosis

The Asia Pacific Consortium on Osteoporosis (APCO) has today (January 28, 2021) launched the first pan-Asia Pacific clinical practice standards for the screening, diagnosis, and management of osteoporosis.


Published in Osteoporosis International, ‘The APCO Framework’ comprises 16 minimum clinical standards set to serve as a benchmark for the provision of optimal osteoporosis care in the region.


The APCO Framework provides clinicians with structured, well-articulated, and readily accessible clinical practice guidelines that clearly define:

  • Individuals to be identified for assessment;

  • Investigations required;

  • Relevant indications for treatment;

  • Appropriate selection of interventions to be made;

  • The guidance and information patients need for self-care;

  • Integration of healthcare systems for optimal provision of care; and

  • The need, and methods for monitoring and improving the quality of osteoporosis care.


Download The APCO Framework at www.apcobonehealth.org/apco-framework.


To learn more, visit www.apcobonehealth.org or email secretariat@apcobonehealth.org.